GeoGebra Classic

GeoGebra Classic 6.0

A collection of mathematical tools for algebra, calculus and geometry

GeoGebra is intended for those who are learning or teaching mathematics. The tool covers such areas as geometry, algebra and calculus. It has a beautiful interface; yet, it feels confusing at times, particularly when you open the sidebar to look for a particular function. The installation may also be troublesome if Java has not been previously installed on your system. In such a case, the program does not run properly and still you do not get an error message explaining the cause.

The program lets you choose one of the following perspectives: Algebra, CAS, Graphing, Geometry, 3D graphics, Spreadsheets, Probability and Exam. It lets you create new objects using mathematical equations as well as drawing them directly on the working area. For this purpose, there are multiple tools to draw points, vectors, lines, arcs, curves, circles, polygons and ellipses. Likewise, it allows creating tridimensional objects of many shapes, like pyramids, cubes, prisms and cones. The properties of these objects can easily be modified, so you can name them and add labels with their values or coordinates.

It is excellent that you can also perform calculations on the objects. For example, you can calculate the area of intersection between a triangle and an oval that are on the same plane. Similarly, it lets you work with angles, variables and math constants. What is more, the tool supports using scripting languages to expand its features. In this respect, both GCBScript and Javascript can be used to write personalized code.

The program allows various ways to share your work with others. The projects can be saved in their native format but also be exported to various file types, including PNG images. Moreover, you can upload them to the Internet or sent them to a printer.

All in all, I just wished I could have had something similar to GeoGebra back in high school. I am sure it would have helped me visualize so many abstract concepts. Therefore, it is a tool I recommend to both teachers and students. Luckily, the product is open-source so anyone can use it without spending any money.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports scripting
  • Multiple mathematical tools
  • Exports to various formats
  • Creates spreadsheets with the results


  • Does not show any error message when Java is not installed on your system
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